Yanga's story began in 2008 with a small boutique on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, founded by loving couple Meital Yang and Nir Horowitz. Yanga was born from a desire to introduce a different shopping experience to the Israeli fashion consumer and with the clear goal to make every woman feel unique and special. When you shop at Yanga, you can be sure won't see anyone else in your outfit!

Today Yanga is a leading Israeli fashion brand that maintains individuality thanks to unique items made in limited editions, up to date collections and detail oriented design. Every week a new collection arrives in stores, and from each item only 2-3 units are made so that you know that when you wear Yanga you are truly One of a kind!

In one sentence: Unique items in limited editions so you will never see them on anyone else!

Each store gets the same items but every item comes in only 2-3 unites, when they run out, they run out and you’ll be one of a lucky few that got it!

Of course!! Yanga was founded by Meital Yang 10 years ago as a small boutique on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv and since then has grown and developed, we now have over 30 stores all over the country.

From you! We travel around the country and spend a lot of time meeting you, seeing what you wear, where you spend your time and what you love most. So when we design we always have you in mind!

You can find a variety of items at terminalx.com, every week new items are uploaded, click on the link in the menu to browse the store.

It’s important for us to photograph girls we love and that connect to the brand, who like to wear our clothes and feel great in them!

At Yanga you can find clothes and jewelry made by Israeli designers such as Sabina Musayev, Neta Efrati, Shelly Dahari, Shlomit Ofir, Shani Kalai and many more!